Grooming Chart 

When you buy a Bedlington, be sure to check with the groomer you choose to ask if he/she knows how to groom a Bedlington. Better yet, ask if the groomer has ever groomed one and if you can contact the person who owns the Bedlington. The groomer will not be able to give you the contact information without getting permission from the owner. You might also leave your contact information for the groomer to give the owner of the Bedlington.

Some groomers will say they know how to groom a Bedlington, but your dog could end up looking like a poodle!! Each puppy we sell comes with a folder. Inside that folder will be a grooming chart. Take one to your groomer!!! If you lose it, download another one by using the grooming chart link above.  

We will try to help you find a groomer in your area. The following people can also help you by either grooming your Bedlington or helping you find a groomer. Grooming prices vary from groomer to groomer.

Sandra Bethea     Gulf Port, MS           228 896- PAWS (7297)     

Linda Freeman     Vienna, VA               703 255-9538

Laurie Friesen      Ankenny, IA             515 491-0404

Linda Kay            Saugus, MA              781 233-9299; 781 520-1616

Jo Miller              Loxahatchhee, FL     561 632-2480